Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Day at Sea World!!!

Here are a ton of pictures from our trip to Sea World on Monday! We had an amazing time-the weather was awesome!! It was cool enough to wear a sweatshirt the entire day, but not freezing! The children had such a good time feeding the dolphins! Blakey boy was afraid when they came up to eat his fish, but the girls did it like pros!
We went with my friend Julie and her son Colin, who will be 2 in Aug. He and Blake were troopers in their strollers with no nap!! It was a long day, but so worth it!
The pictures by the horses and with the dalmation were so cute! We took the kids to the clydesdale horse area and their dalmation dog was walking around. When Blake started feeding it popcorn, it decided it had new friends! Needless to say, the dog was with our kids walking around until his "master" whistled for him to leave!
Enjoy the pics!!
Mom, I wish you could have been there! You would have loved to stroll with your coffee and enjoy the weather and the sights! The girls actually touched the dolphins several times! It was priceless!


Mom/Grammie P said...

OMG!!!! First, welcome to the world of "blog". I could not be more thrilled to view the pictures of my precious babies and read about what they are up to. The pictures make me miss them even more than I already do.
Looks like a perfect day at Sea World.... I do wish I had been along for the visit.
Love you all

Cory said...

YEAH!!!!!!! I am sooooo glad that you started a blog! I haven't talked to you in so long! It is really good to see the kiddos. I miss you guys!!!!!

pennells said...

Hi guys,
We are going to Disneyland on the 4th of July. I know we are Crazy. Anyway if you are going to be around there that weekend, call me...480-294-9891 ( Cell)
Hope to see you,
Love Linda Davey & Deven

Nelson6 said...

ok Amanda it's time to post again. If I have to so do you. Now all we need is to make your sister start one, then again maybe not because then you and I would have to keep her's up. haha

Nelson6 said...

Lexi is at my house right now and wants to tell you that she loves you and she misses you so bad. And please move back to Arizona. Please come back!!!!!

Downing Family said...

hey girl! Are your kids really that grown up already? sheesh. Well I just thought I would say hello. I hope all is well. ~Lindsey

dadleavitt said...

I can't believe how big the kids are. It is fun to see all the pictures. Alisa

Bryana said...

Holy Cow Amanda...first of all your kids are SOOOOOO grown up...What happened to all of Blake's velvet, black baby hair!!!! The 3 of them are absolutely adorable! I'm so glad you have a blog!! But secondly when did you move, it's almost been a year since I last saw you!!!! I hope all is well and you're enjoying the weather!! I'm so jealous of the Sea World Trip!